Shania kitty.

Shania kitty.

Shania is my best friend. And the greatest kitty in the world. She’s sweet, friendly, playful, and all the things a cat should be. Shania is this blog’s namesake.


3 thoughts on “Shania kitty.

  1. What’s better than a sun puddle on your shoulders? How sweet your little Shania is. Thanks for coming by Boomdeeadda. I thought I’d pop back and say hello. Looks like you’ve just began your journey at WordPress, congratulations. I just began my Blog a year ago February. I’ve made wonderful friendships and am actually traveling to California on Tuesday to meet up with Alys of Gardening Nirvana. We’ve become great pals and we’re over the moon, walking on air that we’ll spend a few days together. So you never now what life brings your way. Have fun, nice to meet you.

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