The totally incredible utterly amazing completely believable story of Jesus empty tomb.

The totally incredible untterly amazing completely believable story of Jesus empty tomb.

Jesus is the holy Son of God. The only one. All of us-me included-lie cheat steal and hurt each other. It breaks God’s laws, it’s called sin. God is perfect. He loves us but He cannot let us into heaven with Him because He is perfect. When have repeatedly break God’s holy, righteous laws we deserve to go to hell. God did not want us to be lost. So He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place. Imagine if you had to go to court to pay a fine, but didn’t have the money. The judge will not let you just walk out. Somebody has to pay the fine. Now what if the judge’s son paid it for you? That is what the Lord did. He suffered and died after being nailed to a cross. Hung there in agony for you and me. God punished Him-God’s only Son-for our sins to pay the price for our sin to keep us out of Hell. He did die. After three days, His folowers went to His tomb or grave and found out it was empty! Then they saw Jesus alive!! Hundreds of people saw Hm. Then He went back to Heaven. He is coming back. We can be in Heaven when we die but Jesus is the only ay to get there! This picture shows the empty tomb in Jerusalem.


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