Measuring Board

Enjoy the Ride!

I jumped on the measuring board bandwagon.  I think they’re so cute, and I’ve wanted to make one for Madison’s room since before she was born.  Several months ago I bought the board from Home Depot.  It sat around for awhile until I found the time to sand it and put a coat of primer on it.  I also filled in some holes and crevices with wood filler and sanded that down once it dried.  Then it sat around for many months until finally this past weekend I found the time to work on it some more!  Yay!

First I painted two coats of white paint on top of the primer.  Then I measured off one foot segments, and put down some Frog Tape.  I painted two coats of green paint on alternating sections.  Madison watched from her swing to make sure I did everything correctly.  She’s a lady of…

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