Not sure about God.

After having lived in this world for fifty years. And looking around lately. I’m not so sure about God. It seems that maybe he doesn’t exist. The people in this world seem to think that evrything opposite what the Bible teaches is “holy.” And there seems to be less and less evidence the God is there in the first place. I may be Autisitc but am not comlpetely stupid. I look around to see something that God’s word says and it is not there. Those who claim to follow God are the ones who live furthest from it. I’m tired of it. Tired of the mockory. Tired of the lies. The backstabbing. I wonder if people’s description of “God” is what the Bbile talks about. Or maybe the God of the scriptures doesn’t exist. I’m not sure. Everyone seems to be worshipping themselves.And I am watching a movie. A man was aplauded-literally-for killing a woman. How did our world become that way? I don’t look at life like that. Killing is not compassion. It is NOT what Jesus taught and did.


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