Yard sale attended by three thousand people.

Hi. Yesterday there was a yardsale in my nighborhood. That was attended by 3000 people! 11 streets and several houses where things were sold. Also tables were set up in two parking lots. No wonder I’m tired! 😆 Walked a long way pushing my cart. Many houses had steps wich would meant picking up my cart. But I found a decoration.  Everything from shoes shirts and board games to bows and arrows were available. People were polite and happy. I got cookies a cupkcake and a hotdog. Was surprised at the turnout considering it had stormed. But the sun came out. then rain again and cleared up. Didn’t check out the whole thing.  Am still worn out.  Had to come back twice after forgetting something. but didn’t walk very far first. All in all it was fun. One item went for over 12,000 dollars! But I was not the customer! 😆 Even dogs seemed to enjoy it. By the way, it’s held every year. No, I didn’t sell anything. It would have meant stting at a table and I wanted to walk around.





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