Dinosaurs evidence of God the Creator!

I was watching Walking with dinosaurs. There were these nearly lifesize animatronic Brachiosauruses walking around. I started thinking about the real ones. How complex and amazing they are. And about the Creator who made them. I was in awe. And yet the host spent the whole program talking about evolution. I don’t get it. People are so impressed with the folks who built these machanical puppets. Well, where do people think they got the minds to do that? I don’t understand. It’s like there is the brightest light shining in their faces, and they claim they can’t see anything! They speak about cloning dinos-and other things-playing God. And yet ignoring the true God of this universe. It doesn’t make sense! Are they trying to put man in the place of the Creator?  Are they trying to push God out of the picture? That is a bad idea. A friend of mine told me that “I was a scientist and everything they discover just proves God exists…” Agreed! It’s like people are thinking, “we created these animatronic creatures, then made a film about bringing them to life.” Then cloned something.” “Who needs God anymore?” Why don’t they open their eyes. and see the true Lord Creator and Savior who puts breath in their lungs, and who they will stand before on Judgement day? He is not impressed with what we do on here on Earth. It’s going to burn up in the fire. All that matters is what we do for Him.