Do you believe in angels?

Several years ago, I was able to attened a national conferance in Houston Texas. Wich for a West Virginia girl was a big deal. Stayed in a Lexmark hotel. Anyway, I was excited and alert. Eager to leave. Paying attention to what was going on around me.  I asked when we were leaving as we were late and was told we had to wait for some other passengers. There was only one door on the chartered bus, in the front. Suddenly someone said “we’re here” from behind me. I don’t know how they got back there.  Because I was paying attention and did not see them board. Well, we finally pulled out. And that night we got stuck behind an accident for hours.  I finaly fell asleep and awoke with the sun in my face. Turned out the night before a flatbed truck had run into trouble and dumped it’s load of logs onto the bus infron’t of us.  That could have been our bus. It was no coincidence. The fact that was only one door on the bus. The late passengers behind me and the strange feeling I got.

A pastor was driving with his family in an unfamiliar town. They exited the highway, and stopped at a restaurant. That they had not seen or been to before. A pay phone next door to where he was waiting outside began to wring. Thinking it might be an  emergency he answered it. It was a long distance call for him! A lady was feeling depressed and suicidal and had heard the pastor on a radio or t.v. somewhere. She wanted to talk to him and prayed. Two numbers popped into her head and she tried the first one. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It was God’s hand. No other way to explain it.

What do you think?


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