Glenn Beck Converts To Chrislam

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My comment:  I had watched Glenn Beck for years, I felt he was giving the most information and news of all the news sources.  Then several months ago even a year ago, I noticed a gradual then steamrolling change to universalism and a one world religion, even dis-respecting our Lord.  It was hard to watch his transformation, but I quit watching him a few months back, I could no longer tolerate his version of the truth.  Ted Shoebat has an amazing article here.  Take the time to read and watch, it will shock you.  

By Theodore Shoebat

So what is Glenn Beck’s movement about? Its a difficult subject to deal with since Americans as of late have departed from fundamental Christianity into admiration of men whom they erect as idols. People usually get upset when their idols are destroyed, its not easy, but our investigation began with several of…

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