“Animals Have Feelings Too”

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Lonely wolf? Wolves howl when they miss their friends

Francesco Mazzini
Francesco Mazzini
Researchers found that wolves tend to howl more frequently when a leader or a partner leave the pack, as opposed to a less valued packmate.

Wolves are skilled and ferocious hunters, but when it it comes to relationships, they’re real softies. When a playmate or partner leaves the pack, the wolves that are left behind will howl and howl and howl.

In a new study, researchers report that wolves will give their leaders and their closest allies a longer and stronger serenade if they leave. Those howls could be sonic breadcrumbs, meant to help a lone wolf find its way back to the pack. They could also be a long-distance message that simply says: “I miss you.”

“What exactly their motivation is, we will never know,” said Friederike Range, an animal behavior researcher at…

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Stop blaming mental illness!!

Been noticing lately how many people who commit violent acts are considered “mentally ill!” People with “mental illnessses” Are no more dangerous than anyone else. When are people going to stop hiding behind the claim of illness and call acts of violence what they are, wrong?  If a person hurts or kills someone, robs a bank or steals, guess what? It’s wrong!! I am so tired  of it!!  The Bible uses the word evil. Evil does exist. When did people lose sight of that? I have Autism. But if I do something that’s wrong it’s wrong. From Sandy hook school to t.v. shows. How many times will the courts-and everyone else-quit treating criminals like victims? “Oh but they this oh but that!” Stop it already! Look at all the terrible things going on in our world. A person actually posted on Facebook, that the Bible told us it was alright to kill those with disabilites!! It does not!! With all the ones on the Autistic spectrum being killed.  It’s as if people think well, if an NT is abused bullied or killed, it’s considered awful! If they happen to be Autistic  it is ignored! And too many times those who commit crimes try to claim “insanity.” What they do is bad and wrong!  Although Autism is not a mental illness. Stop treating those who are violent and evil as mere victims. And the victims as the wrongdoers! What is with our country? Shooting somebody with a gun is practically worshipped in our culture. Almost everyone carries one. It’s become  almost a religion. Look at all the gun activity on tv. It’s as if people consider it a sin to speak against these deadly weapons. What gives? Is this what Jesus taught us? One of the commandments in Scripture reads thou shalt not kill. And yet you are condemmed almost as if you have commited a deadly sin if you speak up against killing. Tell me about one incident when it is not defended!  Are people thinking “nobody’s really evil.” !  Where is their conscience? Many of these folks claim to be Christians. Well, read the Bbile!