I Promised Not To Post Again About The New Baby But You Have Got To See This Blaspheme: Royal Baby Portrayed As Jesus

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

My comment:  Ok, just when we’re all sick of hearing about the new baby, they came up with a campaign to keep the talk going, but this is blaspheme.  This is no better than some here in this country painting obama as messiah.  In fact they seem to be using the same tactics as our self appointed messiah.  God is not amused!

So the elite think that they are the savior’s of the world.  They have crowned themselves as the new messiah’s.  This is not funny, it’s not a compliment as the artist portrays it to be, Christians should find this very offensive.  If they don’t they need to be on their knees.  This new Baby is not Jesus, and his mother is not The Virgin Mary, and to portray them this way is an abomination, not a peep from the Queen.  So, just as obama lauds over all this…

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