Don’t Forget to Write – ME!

The Deltiology Deity

Having kids is great.  You can play games with them, teach them the classics (X-Men, Star Wars, etc.), and share your interests with them.  So when my kid started her own postcard collection, I was thrilled.  I love how happy she is to get new additions to her collection and how well she organizes them.

But ever since the kid got her own collection, people (family members included) started sending just her postcards. I don’t mind if people send postcards to the family, but people just started omitting me (and my wife) out altogether and just sending our kid ones.  I know kids are adorable and all. But hey, I need postcards too!

So I had to make a rule that it’s okay to  send the kid postcard, as long as I get one too.  I constantly need to remind people of this rule, as many have been known to…

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