Manager Makes Double Good on Salvation Army Kettle Theft

Restoring Your Faith In Humanity



Sometimes, people can be downright crappy,but luckily there are good people who become angels when need be. Take the story from Winston Salem, North Carolina for instance…

Salvation Army Bell Ringer, James Griffin III, was tending to the donations kettle outside of the Hanes Mall. He left his post for a minute to help a grandmother and her four grandchildren get through the double doors. When he turned around, his kettle containing $50 was gone! (What is wrong with people? Seriously!!)  After hearing about this, the Belk’s store manager placed $100 in Griffin’s new replacement kettle to make up for it. Griffin and The Salvation Army were incredibly grateful for his generosity and sense of humanity. The Salvation Army released a statement saying if someone was in such dire straits,they would have just helped them, rather than them stooping to stealing the kettle. (The Salvation Army representative is clearly…

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