When we are weak He is strong.

I’ve noticed that these days everything seems to be about the individual. Going it alone. Even among “Christians.” Personal power. The Bible calls the believers the body of Christ.  Yet what we hear is that “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Will we become so strong that we think we don’t need God anymore!? Heaven forbid! We are dependent on God for the very air we breathe. And no wonder people have trouble feeling sympathy for those around them whom they consider “weak”! Homeless, handicapped, drug addicts. Jesus tells us to seek the lost. And yet our whole culture is focused on the opposite. This nation is headed for judgement.  And yet…the word of the Lord says to humble yourself before God. Is it any wonder Americans have such a hard time doing that? Christmas has ceased to be about the birth of the Christ child, and now seems to be all about rituals like tree, shopping, caroling, gifts, the “big day.” “Santa.” If I hear that “Christmas is for children” one more time… On a news report about Black Friday, a man said that “You have to celebrate.” Oh really? What exactly was he celebrating? The very rituals mentioned are now in themselves referred to as “Christmas!” How empty!! Hardly a surprising that the depression and suicide rates are so high. Tell them about the manger! Lead them to the stable! Show them the real Christmas! Going it alone doesn’t work in this life We were not designed that way.


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