Is it the Gospel or tooth decay?

I am so sick of people complaining about confrontational preaching! Jesus told us to warn people of their sins and do our best to warn them of their sins. Before they go to hell! John the Baptist preached! If someone says that person is doing or saying something contrary to scripture, all we hear is be “meek and and whispery and kind and friendly.” What are they trying to do? Rot their teeth of of our mouths? It makes me sick! I don’t want to stand before God and have to tell Him why I tried to be sugary sweet while those around me were going to Hell! Jesus confronted the Pharisees! The tooth decay gospel never saved anybody! My great-grandfather was a Southern Baptist fire and brimstone country preacher. We need more like him! Today his kind of message would have folks running for the door! Not sugery watered down sermons in his church. And if I hear that that shalt not offend garbage again I really am going to vomit! That is from Satan! Jesus confronted people! He cared enough to tell them the truth! I don’t want a single soul to be lost because I didn’t tell them the truth! Those folks with their sweet tooth gospel need to read the book of Revelation.


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