Christ in (Christ)mas


Glorious Woman

When has Christmas stopped being about the Birth of Jesus Christ???

Today it seems that people associate many things with Christmas, but do not associate the man who we are really celebrating. People hang Christmas tress and decorate them; they decorate their homes inside and out. They spend so much money buying gifts for their loved ones that they get themselves in debt. It is the most expensive time of the year from Black Friday shopping, to traveling. To top it off, many churches don’t have their weekly services during this week. My question is “When will Christ be worshiped?”

I would assume that on this important day, many churches would come together holding a service to worship and reverence Jesus; the man who is our hope for salvation. The truth is that only few do.

I searched “Christmas” on storify and all these things came up… there was only one picture that mentioned the…

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