People and selfishness

Why aren’t some of the billions of dollars spent at Christmas used to help people who really need it? Like those who are suicidal, homeless and alone? It seems to be about flaunting their wealth. And punishing those who don’t have it. Well, it’s not about money. Forget about gifts. and greed. Jesus told us to help these people! Going through a major depression myself, all the gifts in the wolrd don’t matter if you feel forgotten and all alone. Half the money wasted on Black Friday would house hundreds of homeless people. That is what Jesus told us to do. People get into debates about religion and if The Lord was born on the twenty fifth. And yet those He told us to care for are suffering and dying alone. Who cares about inflatables or lights trees or parties. Jesus cares about those who need us most. Their living circumstances break His heart. And it’s His birthday not ours.


Yesterday I did some fundraising work for an Australian suicide/crisis helpline. The work I did was based in quite an expensive store and people could choose to come to my stand and pay a couple of dollars to have their christmas presents wrapped.

It did not turn out how I thought it would.

Within the first half hour I was almost crying and was so tempted to just pack up and run.

For the entire three hours that I volunteered my time, I was shouted at, frowned at, talked down to and ignored.

It was actually horrible. The majority of people who donated only came over to get their gifts wrapped. They didn’t read any of the information on the table but rather chose to point out my errors in how I wrapped their gifts. “Could you get a fresh piece of paper? That one is really creased?” “Could you…

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