The Christmas Truce


Dear Oscar,

As we contemplate a Christmas spent in the company of family, or friends, I have been reading about a Christmas spent by thousands of men in the most terrible of circumstances, the First World War.

Next year, is the centenary of the outbreak of World War 1. It was a brutal war; the horrors of trench warfare are well known and well documented. Soldiers on both sides, were forced to live in trenches for months on end, through the freezing winter, cold, wet and living in fear of snipers and enemy raids. In the battlefields of France and Belgium, fighting was fierce and protracted. Vast numbers of men needlessly perished trying to hold a few metres of land. There were large networks of trenches and in 1914, with the war on the Western Front at stalemate; both sides were dug in for the winter. Heavy rain flooded theā€¦

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