It’s illegal!!

There are a lot of drug dealers being moved into my apartment building. By the department of housing. throwing everyone else out. They are being moved in deliberately. The whole town is being taken over by the dopers. Anyone else is despised by those who run this building. They have turned up the heat in my bedroom. it’s too hot to stay in there. And no it’s not cold outside. The last housing building I lived in, they told my brother and sister they were turning the heat to make me move out. The police enforcement here is non-existent. This high-rise is supposed to be for handicapped and elderly. But isn’t anymore! Hasn’t been for years. I can’t sleep because of the noise. Thought I heard gunshots about two weeks ago. I’m definitely in danger here.  I’m very worried about my kitty. Who I love dearly. She is my best friend. My payee is about as bad of the other people in this place and my family won’t help. I don’t have enough money to move. By the way, I’m Autistic. And there is no support here.


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