Cats Only, Please!


There is a growing trend among veterinary services to have exclusive cat practices. There are a couple of advРусский: Кошкаantages I can see right away — the stress level of cats would go way down if there were no dogs in the waiting room; and veterinarians that specializes in cats really know their clientele well! Cat loving doctors make their rooms cat-friendly with cat-sized instruments and cat-only medicines. The thing I think the cats love the best is no scent of a dog.

This is not to disparage dogs or their owners, but cats really are a species off to themselves. They are not too keen on getting to know new friends who stop by for a visit — human or animal. If we can eliminate the causes of many feline (and human!) stresses encountered at the Vet’s office, more kitties might be brought in for regular exams.

I know that going to the…

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