I’m losing my home to the dopers.

Tomarrow I’m going to a meeting. To be stabbed in the back by the dept. of housing. The highrise where I live is being turned over to the losers selling dope. The people who are supposed to be helping me are either buying, selling or have their hands in the pockets of the housing dept. They are basically patting me on the shoulder with one hand while stabbing me in the back with the other. It’s the same monsters that are supposed to be assisting me.  Their stupid betrayal makes my skin crawl.

All I did was ask a question. The manager became furious and decided to throw me out. All the tenants are being thrown out. and the dopers are being moved in. The new “residents” tell the office what unit what unit their friends want, and they get it.  You can’t even go downstairs after sundown because it’s dangerous. And then there is the extreme racism. It is so illegal. The entire town is the same way. My “advocates” are useless. Not the same people who will be at that meeting tomarrow. Forget about the cops. They are totally corrupt. It’s as if the entire town adores the dopers. I can’t take any more. I can’t-and wouldn’t-change the color of my skin. My depression is getting very very bad!! But nobody cares.

I don’t want to go live in the projects. While my home is turned into a meth lab! But they are held in such high esteem! {That sentence written with sarcasm.} My family doesn’t care And my parents are dead. I don’t know what to do. It really makes me sick!The meeting itself is illegal.


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