Water! Bottled water!!

Water is precious here right now!  Apparently, methanol was dropped into the river here.
And we can’t drink the water! I got two “official” phone calls about it. It was
on the news. The stores here are sold out of bottled water, so I had to order
some food for delivery to get some of the wet stuff for Shania my cat. Don’t know how
long the ban is for. But there have been a lot of contaminations and
protests in places around our town. Arrgh! I guess this is a “dry town” for
now!  Water seems to be right where you need it most of the time, and you take it for
granted. Have any of you been in this situation? We can only fight fires and
flush toilets. Sheesh! Update. I had just woken up today, when a man knocked on the door and gave us six bottles!  Then I went over to the firehouse across the street and got a case! Oh delicious water!  And it’s 55 F right now. Whew! But for the chance to take a bath and wash my hair!! Well, I guess God will get us through this. Now for some soup and tea!


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