Chemical Spill in WV Leaves Teen Mom Leah Calvert Without Water

Teen Mom Madness


On Thursday January 9th, 2014 a 48,000-gallon tank began leaking a compound called MCHM, contaminating the tap water in Charleston and nine other surrounding cities. The chemical spill has affected ‘Teen Mom’ Leah Calvert and her family, who have been forced to cease all activity involving water from the tap.

Leah took to twitter to express her frustration with other residents who are complaining about the situation: “May god be with all the ones out working for us to get water back to normal! We should be wanting to help them any way possible instead of being negative inpatient and greedy! They are doing the best they can! #BlessThem.

According to a report by wetpaint: “Exposure to MCHM can cause headaches, eye and skin problems, and difficulty breathing.” The only way to fix the problem now is to flush the entire system. In the meantime Leah is…

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