Rick Masley, St. Albans, Kanawha County

West Virginia Water Crisis

Freedom Industries is responsible for leaking Eastmans Crude MCHC product into the Elk River Watershead.

West Virginia American Water is responsible for not removing it from the water they supply to their customers nor detecting it while first saying their plant was removing it.

Various city and state representatives are responsible for declaring a state of emergency and preventing 300K citizens the us of water without any evidence it is unsafe which has also crippled thousands of businesses. They are also liable for gross negligence for ignoring Freedom Industries Tier 2 form disclosure and not having any plans in place for a dealing with a leak when they were fully aware that the tank farm was situated on the Elk and less than 1.5 miles from WVAW’s water intake. Over the years they’ve accepted 10’s of millions of dollars of tax payers money to plan for events like these.


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