Water Stories

Ingenious Torture

I needed some confidence tonight so I put on Emmy-lou Harris, which reminds me of Mom, who thinks I’m awesome.  Problem solved.  If you listen long enough to get past the George Jones part in “Here We Are” you realize what a knockout she’s always been. Mom and Emmy both.  I kinda love the word knockout.

I also got to thinking about water, because I read this poem: The Lyric “I” Drives to Pick up Her Children from School: A Poem in the Postconfessional Mode.  

Paying so much attention to my thoughts makes me uncomfortable, so I tried eliminating the “I” in some poems.  All that came of that was the use of the second person and some pronoun replacement therapy, though, and when I’m not writing confessionally I tend to try to write about nature which is hard to do well because, you know. Wow…

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