Jesus saves…not Celebrate recovery.

I’ve been watching the film Home run. In the novel the main character, Cory, who has a serious drinking problem, hits rock bottom. His life is falling apart. Finally he thinks something like, “Help me God. Because nobody will be able to if you can’t.” He remembers hearing the Bible passage “If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart the God has raised Him from the dead you will be saved.  Cory thinks “Help me believe this.” “Help me confess this.” Help me Lord.” Wonderful!! But this part is not in the movie. Instead the “god” promoted in the film is called Celebrate recovery. A real twelve step program. Although it is held in a church. It presents the idea that the people in the program can’t get saved or overcome their addictions or hangups without them. The only way for these lost souls to be free of Satan’s hold on their lives is through the power of Jesus Christ. As Cory states “I am powerless without God.” Why isn’t Christ shown to be the only hope for these lost and hurting souls? Cory attends the program for weeks. And yet his life continues to spiral out of control. It is only when he calls upon God that he is able to recover. Don’t get me wrong, Home run is my favorite movie. But how many who watch it will get the wrong idea? How many will remain unsaved and lost? Those involved with the film like to quote the line that change is possible. But only with help from God and confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.


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