Repent! Now the most sinful word in the English language?

Have you noticed? When someone commits a crime, steals from another person, injures them, commits murder, whatever it is, if the one who is hurt complains or says it was wrong, they are thought to have done something far worse than the one who hurt them, no matter how bad it was!! Wich is worse, rape, killing,, child abuse, or saying these things are wrong? The Bible says thalt shalt not lie and thalt shalt not steal. But don’t tell that to people today!!!! You will be seen as having committed a terrible unforgivable sin!!! And the word repent? It’s now considered even worse. And as hard to find as a snowball in the high desert. God will heal our addictions and hurts.  (Thinking of Home run again) But not unless we repent of our sins! The word sin has now been replaced with “mistakes.” Our culture is willing to overlook anything, no matter how vile or horrible it might be. But not someone who cries foul or quotes scripture that calls it a sin. Heaven help them. Jesus didn’t say “surrender” to God. He said repent!


2 thoughts on “Repent! Now the most sinful word in the English language?

  1. Many people forget we live in the end days. Things that people used to say were bad and now things that are good like repenting are bad. When you don’t repent it is called good. When you do repent you are the evil of the world. Which is easier to repent and forgive or to kill and lie. People have lost there minds to foolishness.

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