Bottled water unusable?

WV cant get a break. Bottled water had musty smell and taste pulled from schools. 
I thought you might be interested in knowing that even some of the BOTTLED water for the WVWaterCrisis is unusable.
FEMA sent contaminated bottled water to a state that’s already have contaminated water. Uh huh… That’s smart.

Quotes from Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Bottled water unusable?

  1. I dig your blog cause it shows you care and have a heart as well intelligence…now just be a little more angry because that’s what West Virginia needs most. Our government in collaboration with greedy corporations who always put PROFITS before PEOPLE need to realize that they will lose THEIR PROFITS if they jeopardize the health of our children…it’s really that simple..

    • Thank you!! Yes, we’ve been sold out. Your right. People will start moving away in droves. But will probably be replaced with illegals. Maybe the mines should shut down till the local government gets the message. Have you heard about the Hawks nest tunnel?

      • I totally 100% agree with you and I had never heard about Hawks Nest Tunnel until now when you mentioned. To which I googled and read wikipedia…Wow! Sometimes this country truly makes me sick to my stomach…and VERY angry….But I have confidence that West Virginians will stand up in anger very soon and let the govt and corps know, the days of old are over…and I will join in solidarity in any and as many was as I humanly can to help…my whole point in my blog is trying to get West Virginians angry because this madness has to end immediately because america’s real enemy is our government and the greedy corporations that now own it

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