Brighton parents ask metro Detroit to stuff mailbox for sick son Dominic’s 11th birthday

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BRIGHTON (WXYZ) – “Did I get anything?”

It’s the question 10-year-old Dominic Tyner asks his parents everyday, when they check the mailbox at their Brighton home.

Next to Legos, there’s nothing Dominic loves more than getting mail.

His mom, Danya has even considered sending her son anonymous notes in the mail, just to see the joy it brings to his face.

Instead, she’s asking you to.

Dominic, who suffers from eosinophilic esophagitis (EE) and complex 1 mitochondrial disease, turns 11 on March 27.

EE prevents Dominic from eating an ever-growing list of foods like dairy, wheat, gluten, oats or pork. If he does, his body attacks his esophagus resulting in severe pain. Unmanaged, it could spread, causing damage to his heart, brain, liver and other major organs.

To add insult to injury, complex 1 mitochondrial disease doesn’t allow Dominic’s cells to create sufficient energy from the food he can eat…

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