Did Jesus ask if we “Qualifed”?

When Jesus fed the five thousand, did he tell those people-who had been with him for days-to spend three months filling out paperwork. Going back and forth from the hillside and home, to see if they “qualified” to be fed? When He went to the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, did Jesus tell people to line up, fill out forms and wait tor months? To receive His assistance either on the hillside or the cross? I’m do tired of organizations who are supposed to be assisting those who need it, sitting through their garbage! People need assistance. If you think most only request their aid when they don’t need it, then try going there. The humiliation and discrimination. The pathetic way you are dealt with. I hate being disabled and having to depend on these places. Living in poverty is the worst!!! Would Jesus ask if we qualified”? Probably not. Most folks are rejected by those places. And yet they claim to be so religious!! And it seems the more you need help from those organizations the less likely you are to get it.


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