Dreams really do come true!

The Dante Diaries

Yesterday…I must have been dreaming. SHE worked from home yesterday and it was my job to keep HER feet warm while SHE worked on HER computer. I did a really good job of sitting on top of HER feet under HER desk too! But then something strange happened…it was lunch time and SHE got up and made a sandwich…but SHE didn’t go back to HER desk to eat it…SHE put HER sandwich in a little bag and took me out to HER car. And the next thing I knew we were at Bark Park…just HER and me (and HER sandwich), all by ourselves…it was like a dream come true!


SHE ate HER sandwich and I ran and ran and ran…I had Bark Park all to myself…I must have been dreaming! When SHE finished eating HER sandwich, I finished my running and back home we went…HER to HER office and me…

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