The American Red Cross Double Cross.

The American Red Cross is not what it presents itself as. The Red Cross is a facilitator of Agenda 21. The included doc is straight out of the UN and the Red Cross is helping institute Global Government. The American Red Cross is guilty of Treason. Do not donate to any organization with ties to the UN. If you do, you are guilty of aiding and abetting treason. Quoted from the link.


2 thoughts on “The American Red Cross Double Cross.

  1. totally agree…matter of fact, one of my best friends during college was a hemophiliac and was required to have full blood transfusion…a few months later he received a call instructing him to come in and take a test to see if he had aids or hep C…he was lucky…he only got hep C from his blood transfusion….this country has become ONE big JOKE…and the laugh is on the AMERICAN people..boycott everything america is what I’m doing…

  2. Reblogged this on realeyezlife and commented:
    I have never nor will I ever donate a single penny to the RED CROSS…getting rich while pretending to help people in need defeats the whole purpose of CHARITY..even worse is the fact that it sucks the very life out of this ONCE great country

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