Why Capitalism and Care – Like oil and water should never mix.

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The idea of turning ‘care’ into a commodity that can be bought and sold instead of acknowledged as a virtue of the human spirit that can be given willingly, is not a new one.

We’ve long paid doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, support workers and a whole host of others who belong to the so-called ‘Caring Professions’ for years.

But what’s changed in the last few decades are the amount of people now being employed in what has come to be known as the ‘Care Industry’.

And by this I mean workers who are not required to undergo years and years of study on how to ‘care’ for others, but instead workers who are simply doing a job with the label ‘Care’ stacked in front of it.

Such as those you’d find working in homes for the elderly or providing in home ‘care’ or assistance for those who are frail…

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Saving West Virginia

Listening. Leaping. Living.

I’ve already spoken a bit about how I fell in love with West Virginia. I’ve only lived here for a bit over 6 months, so I’m sure most would still consider me an outsider. Be that as it may, I can still see some hard truths about this beautiful place. The biggest one I can put my finger on is a serious pr problem.

When I mention West Virginia, what comes to mind? Dirty coal mines? Uneducated, impoverished hillbillies? Mining disasters and chemical spills? It might be uncomfortable to admit to these prejudices, but you wouldn’t be the only one. The government’s War on Poverty is what brought the Appalachian region to the attention of the rest of the nation’s attention. That created the foundation for many of the stereotypes that run rampant today.

It’s true that West Virginia is rich in natural resources. And yet, who is really…

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A day in the park!

The Dante Diaries

After some morning showers the sun finally came out and we were all packed and ready to head out for some time at: BARK PARK! I really missed my friends & the NO leashes rule!

Bark Park…I can hardly wait!

Did SHE say Bark Park? Did SHE say Bark Park?

Come on Lilly…let’s run!

Come on Lilly let's runIMG_3046

I really missed my friends Scotty and Tina…we made up for lost time though!


So…how do you like my new blue harness…blue is a great color for us boys isn’t it?

Bark ParkIMG_3028

  Do you have a Bark Park where you live? Do you have a place to go and run where NO leashes is the rule? Bark Park rules!


angel paw

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