TBT- Throwback: My view from twelve…that’s inches!

The Dante Diaries

This morning’s Throw Back Thursday is a throwback to my (our) very first blog post where I introduced myself and HER…..

I am Dante Alighieri.  I am three years old and I am a Malti-Poo.  I weigh in at just a smidge over five pounds.  And from the tip of my paws to the top of the fluffy white fur on my head, I am twelve inches tall.

I live with my human Doggie-Momma, in fabulous & warm Coral Gables, Florida. This blog will be typed by HER but it will be my observations and opinions on our life (mostly HERS)…the good, the bad, the ugly….the happy, the sad…the highs and the lows.  I am HER constant companion and no one, I mean no one, two-legged or four-legged, knows HER better than me.  No one has heard HER laugh so much or cry so hard…no one but me listens to…

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