Jesus friend of sinners?

I read something on the internet. about “incorportate  Autistcs into your church.” Incorperate? I thought we were people. Do they want to incorperate a disorder, or people on the spectrum? In the tv miniseries Jessus of Nazereth, Mary hears about Jesus and seeks Him out. She finds him feeding the five thousand.
She has come to him with all the pain, shame and hurt, and what she finds is the Lord feeding people. What Mary found, and perhaps was looking for, was love, compassion, conviction, mercy and forgiveness. And look what she found…
I often wonder if God loves Autistics. I am so messed up. I go to a church and the music is so loud you can’t hear yourself think. They were concerned only with making a music video and ignoring the hurting broken souls there who neede God. Another church was lecturing about what other churches believed. I went home with all my pain, sensory sensitivity, isolation, anger.  All the “church” today seems to talk about is psychology and personal power. Any sign of brokeness is judged and condemmed as sin. The church buildings today have what sounds like a circus type atmosphere. Bookstores, puppets, musical  instruments…everything but what is needed. Jesus! I end up thinking that,,wondering does God love autistics? Does He love me?
All the stuff I hear is either about kids, or autism speaks, stgma, that people on the spectrum don’t want to be fixed” and flashblogs. All a bunch of spchycology stuff! Not about the one who cares about me and loves me. All I read about are tactics and manipulations.
When a woman was accused of adultry, she was brought befoe the Lord for judgement and condemnation. Not introduced to the One who can help and heal and forgivve. And take away sin. I can kind of smpathyze with that woman. (Jesus did protect forgive and forgive her)
Sometimes I condemn myself so strongly for my Autism. That God hares me because of it. I have listened to prechers on You tube criticize  Autistics. And the knife goes in a little bit farther. Ouch. Mary’s lfe was changed when somebody introduced her to Jesus. Is being Autistic a sin? Is Jesus tuly a friend of sinners? Churches are supposed to be a hospital for the broken. How do we “incorperate”
Autistics into the church? Love us like Jesus did. Tell us about the one who can heal our pain. We don’t need short circiut tv. We need the Savior. We are people not projects. The suicide rate among those on the spectrm is high. Tell us there is some one who cares. Who we can turn to. Who will not judge or comdemn. We don’t need to be incorperted. We don’t need tactics. we don’t need puppets or bookstores. We
neeed Jesus.


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