Give me Jesus! Not plastic Easter junk.

“Easter” Sunday is coming. Don’t give this plastic “basket and egg” garbage! Look at our world! The same-sex perversion being taught in kindergartens! All the hatred, abuse and murder of Autistic people. Look at the obsession with guns violence and killing. Drugs and drug pushers are put on pedestools  At least here. It seem that somebody who is the victim is hated, and those who hurt or otherwise wrong them is seen as the victim! Look at the trash on screen, the internet, tv and movies. People who seem unable to speak about God without including, guns, Obama, and Duck dynasty! Duck dynasty did not suffer on the cross for me. Pay for my sins with their life or walk out of the tomb alive. The “Jesus” spoken about today seems to be some new age creation that bears little or no resemblence to the real one. Americans constanly criy out for a former terrorist overseas, (The man does claim to speak about Jesus) if he so much as sneezes, yet totally ignores how those here in there own country are being treated. The churches have traded the Gospel for You tube videos. The empty tomb is the greatest news you could share with a hurting world. And yet all you hear is bunnies and eggs!!! Don’t give me this garbage!!!! I-and other hurting souls-need something real. Somebody to hold on to. Jesus is real!! He is risen. He is the blessed hope. The only hope. As Carman said, “the only thing that’s gonna change this world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Too often folks try to hide behind the old tired claims of “doing something for their kids.” Well that doesn’t work.  This nation is headed for judgement  And the one who will judge us will not be hopping down the bunny trial. They are clearly rejecting Jesus Christ. Look around. Give me Resurrection Sunday. Not plastic Easter junk. PS,I realize I was very hard on the American pastor in the muslim prison. Hope he is released soon.